Update 2014 Resolutions and Things To Come

So 2014 didn’t exactly start out the way I was expecting it to. I had a good feeling about the new year, and planned on hacking out 2014 with some new designs, and attack the blogging world head on with this blog and a couple other small blogs I’ve been working on. What I ended up getting was a really bad case of the flu that built up over the last three weeks and left me bed ridden for the last week. Went to the doctor, got some meds, and am happy to report that I’m just starting to feel human again. For me to not even want to have my laptop sitting on my lap while watching t.v. means I was pretty darn sick.

Now three weeks into the new year, I’m ready to proceed with the original plan for 2014. I plan on blogging here much more, at least once or twice a week, and maybe even more. This blog is going to consist mainly of company news and both web design and graphic design tutorials. I’ll also be posting about SEO, blogging, and tips on social networking and adding some links to some of the other blogs I maintain about photography and Linux operating systems.

I’ve got big plans for 2014 and I’m already 3 weeks behind schedule. Anyway thanks to all who follow through social networking, and to all who have signed up as blog members. I’m looking forward to interacting with all of you throughout the new year. Thanks for following and wishing you all a prosperous and productive 2014 !