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Wet Autumn Leaves

Looking for leaf textures and clip art. Feel free to use this for both commercial and personal use. Link back appreciated but not necessary. Enjoy the image.

image of leaves

Feel free to use for both commercial and personal use.  If you use it on the web, feel free to leave (pun fully intended) a link in the comment so I can see how it was used. It’s not necessary but I love seeing how my work was used. Enjoy.

Convert BMP Image Into SVG Inkscape

This is a great tutorial that shows you how to take any bitmap image and convert it in Inkscape to make a Scalable Vector Graphic or SVG. Inkscape basically traces the image and with some tweaking you can use this trick to make brushes, outlines, and it also comes in handy when trying to scale clip art for different projects.

Some Cool Tiles For Scrapbooking and Webdesign

Like anything internet or computer related, the best place to start when you’re new to something is the manual. RTFM, is so true with anything we do with tech.  Whether it’s setting up that new smart phone, setting up a new blog, or learning a new piece of software, reading the manual always makes life easier. I started right at the beginning with http://codex.wordpress.org/Site_Design_and_Layout.

Now the WordPress codex is some pretty dry reading and as usual I got a bit sidetracked. I came to the part in the manual that explains how to change the background in the 2012 theme that comes pre configured with WordPress. I tried a few tiles I had on my computer and just wasn’t satisfied with the look, so like a high school student with A.D.D, I had to stop what I was doing and look around the internet for that oh so perfect background. That’s when I came across this :


I thought this was a really fun background to start the blog off with. I’ll probably change it down the road with something of my own design, but for now I thought this was perfect. I couldn’t stop there though, I ended up downloading 233 really cool tiles that can be used for web design, pattern fills, or scrap booking. The TOU states they’re o.k. to use for commercial projects, and they politely ask that if you find the tiles useful to please link to them. So here you go, I found the tiles very useful and definitely worthy of a link ! http://graphicssoft.about.com/

If you like collecting tiles this is a really great collection. Take some time and download a bunch. Hey, you can never have enough tiles and they always come in handy ! Enjoy !