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Creating Twitter Lists And Organizing The Feed

twitterNew Aeon Design is on Twitter. I have to say I was more than a bit skeptical of using Twitter, I really didn’t understand it, and couldn’t see how it could be of benefit to use it. Man was I wrong, and what a pleasant surprise.

Using Twitter has proven to be an invaluable experience. I’ve met a ton of people from my industry, networked, found all kinds of cool freebies like the twitter graphic used in this post and learned that I don’t know as much as I thought I knew about this industry. I’VE LEARNED A LOT. I’m sold on twitter, and think it would be a HUGE mistake for any business especially someone in the design and internet marketing business to not use it.

O.K with that said, one of the first things I experienced was information overload. I searched twitter for everyone in graphic design and webdesign and quickly had a very informative informaton stream filled with everything from design offers, graphic freebies, and all kinds of tutorials. I love learning new things and this had proven to be a very informative and effective way of finding new information in my industry.

However as you post, people find you and start to follow you. Many of these people aren’t in your industry, and there submissions will range from jokes, self help , inspirationall quotes, to special offers on all kinds of different products.As people start following your feed, it’s proper twitter etiquette to follow back so your gold mine of information on your industry suddenly gets watered down with ecig adds, inspirational quotes, jokes, and just about anything else you can imagine. What do you ? Lists !

Lists are a great way to create order out of chaos ! Lets say your following 50 people in the web design field and all they post is information about web design. You have another 20 people in the graphic design field who post only graphic design related stuff. You aquired 10 followers who post jokes all day and another 15 who post inspirational quotes. Do to some research you were doing for a client you ended up following 5 guys who are in the ecig business and they post everything you ever wanted to know about ecigs and more. Your stream is now complete chaos and finding any information in the ocean of ever growing posts is becoming very difficult. Here’s what you do.

Put each group in a list. Create a list called web design and add those 50 people to that list. Create a list for your graphic design folk and another list for the comedians, add yet another list for the guru’s and inspirational quotes. Basically create a category or list for every different subject your following. Twitter makes this pretty simple to do. Here’s how.

First click on the Me tab, and then click on the lists link.
When the list page opens, click on the create list radio button.
twitter select
When the list window opens name it, add a description and make it public or private. In order to not make this post any longer I’ll post more on public vs private in another post. I made mine public, you can make your own decision on this. Then click save list.Update: Click here for public vs private if you’re not sure.
Now we have to add people to the list. The easiest way is to click on the following link and find all the people your following.
Then click on the little gear icon and select add or remove to lists. Thats it your done. Now just lather, rinse and repeat with everyone who fits into the topic of that list !
Now when you need information on web design click on the web design list and every tweet in that category will come up for you. When you need to know what’s happening in the world of ecigs click on that list, and when you want to lighten up the mood click on the list of all the funny folks. Man does it ever make life easier when your trying to sort through the information. Not to mention many twitter users like being added to specialized lists. One reason you might want to make them public.

Alright that’s done ! But wait, there’s more ! One last thing. Being on twitter is all about getting found, and being seen. Many of us are trying to get our name out there and introduce people to our brand or company. For whatever reason, twitter doesn’t add us to our own lists. If anyone subscribes to your lists you may want your tweets found in there as well so here’s what we have to do.

Why twitter doesn’t give you an option to do this is beyond me, but what you have to do is go to https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/ to add yourself to your own lists. The good news is you really don’t even need to sign up for another service, you just use your twitter username and password to log in.
Now click on the lists button on the left hand side of the screen.
Select the list you want to be added to and click edit.
Enter your @twitterUserName and click done. You’ve now added yourself to your own list and we are finished. Now log out of tweetdeck and go back to your twitter lists and you should find that you have been officially added.
Here’s a couple lists I created please feel free to follow.

My Favorite Web Design Peeps On Twitter
Great Photography
Strictly Linux Baby !

It’s a little bit of work but in the long run I really think it’s worth the effort. It makes your information so much easier to find, and its a good way to possibly attract a couple new followers. As always, thanks so much for reading The Design blog and taking an interest in New Aeon Design. Feel free to comment, or send out a shout using the twitter widget found in the side bar. Happy Tweeting everyone !