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Keeping With The Season Design.

Found the little autumn squirrel rss icon on my sidebar the other day playing around on twitter and thought it went with the fall theme perfectly and had to download it. I love posting links to web freebies on here so here’s the link. I already tweeted the link, so if your following from twitter, sorry for the round about retweet / repost.

On a side note, the spam comments continue, over 90 spam comments. I noticed that a few people have signed up as members and this is much appreciated. I found a way to block IP addresses so I should have a handle on this spamming spectacle soon. If you commented and I deleted your comment mistakenly thinking it was spam, I do apologize. Thanks for signing up and following The Design Blog and I look forward to interacting with you all in the future.

If you’re on twitter and would like to follow I’m @NewAeonDesign

Create A Seamless Fall Leaf Background Using Gimp

autumn_leaves.jpgIn true Buffalo N.Y. fashion September arrives and the weather starts to change quickly. I woke up this morning to dark cloudy skies, rain, and already the leaves are starting to change from brilliant hues of green to the lovely autumn rusts of fall. It put me in the perfect mood to work on the blog, and make some seasonal changes. I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and also post a simple Gimp tutorial on making a seamless background for your website, or blog.

The image I’m using for this tutorial can be found here. Image credits go to CarolinaJG at morguefile.com. If you’ve never used Morguefile.com before it’s a great place to find stock photography for your graphic design projects.

O.K. this should be pretty simple to follow. I’m hoping you have a basic idea of how Gimp works. In the future I’ll post some more in depth tutorials on the different tools and functions Gimp has to offer. For now I’m just going to post the basics of how to make a seamless tile using Gimp.

Step 1) Download the image from morgue file, or find one of your own. You’re going to turn the image into a seamless background, so the image should have some sort of pattern to it to begin with.

Step 2) Open the image in Gimp.

Step 3) Now in the toolbox that is usually placed on the left hand side of your screen, click on the rectangle select tool, click on fixed aspect ratio in the toolbox options and then make a perfect square on a section of the image. This can be achieved by clicking on the upper left hand corner of the image and then dragging it down to the lower right hand corner. Click on the center of the square and this will allow you to place the square on the section of the image you want.

Step 4) Now at the top of the screen  click on the image drop down  and in the drop down click on crop to selection.

Step 5) Now return to the top of the screen, click on the image drop down again, and this time select scale image and resize the image to 250 x 250 pixels.

Step 6) Now again at the top of the screen, click on filters, map, and select make seamless.

That’s it ! Your done. Save or Export the file as a .jpg image depending on what version of Gimp you’re using. You now have a seamless tile that you can use on a blog, website, or pattern fill in Gimp.

Some additional things I did to the image.

At the top of the screen I clicked on Colors and selected the color balance and adjusted the various color levels to bring out the reds, oranges and autumny colors of the leaves. I also changed around the brightness and contrast levels a bit.

septemberI was just playing around on Youtube and Gimp and created this from a tutorial I found here. If anyone wants to use it on a website or blog feel free, a link back would be nice but not required. Now that the cooler weather will soon be arriving, I’ll be posting a lot more. During the colder months I tend to geek out on my computer and do a lot more design based stuff.

Free Social Media Graphic Icons

35-circle-social-iconsI was looking for some social networking icons and came across these. I downloaded them for a customers website I’m working on and they look great. If you’re looking for some social networking icon graphics to use on your website, blog, or graphics project give these a try. They come in a zip file,in both png and psd format. Available for commercial and personal use.

Download and license information available here.

Some Cool Tiles For Scrapbooking and Webdesign

Like anything internet or computer related, the best place to start when you’re new to something is the manual. RTFM, is so true with anything we do with tech.  Whether it’s setting up that new smart phone, setting up a new blog, or learning a new piece of software, reading the manual always makes life easier. I started right at the beginning with http://codex.wordpress.org/Site_Design_and_Layout.

Now the WordPress codex is some pretty dry reading and as usual I got a bit sidetracked. I came to the part in the manual that explains how to change the background in the 2012 theme that comes pre configured with WordPress. I tried a few tiles I had on my computer and just wasn’t satisfied with the look, so like a high school student with A.D.D, I had to stop what I was doing and look around the internet for that oh so perfect background. That’s when I came across this :


I thought this was a really fun background to start the blog off with. I’ll probably change it down the road with something of my own design, but for now I thought this was perfect. I couldn’t stop there though, I ended up downloading 233 really cool tiles that can be used for web design, pattern fills, or scrap booking. The TOU states they’re o.k. to use for commercial projects, and they politely ask that if you find the tiles useful to please link to them. So here you go, I found the tiles very useful and definitely worthy of a link ! http://graphicssoft.about.com/

If you like collecting tiles this is a really great collection. Take some time and download a bunch. Hey, you can never have enough tiles and they always come in handy ! Enjoy !