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Getting With The Winter Season

I wanted to do this way before the Winter Solstice but I just didn’t have time. The holiday season always gets hectic around here, and I just didn’t have time to blog, or even notice that the blog still had an autumn motif. Well, better late than never ! The Design Blog is now decorated for the winter months.
The snowflake tile was created in Gimp 2.8 as was the header graphic. The image for the header graphic was taken at a local park. I should of spent a little more time post processing and getting the snow a bit whiter but I didn’t. If it was for a customer I probably would of spent a little more time on it.
The cute little snowman rss icon was found here.

Feel free to use the snowflake tile for any of your design needs. If you use it and like it, although it’s not necessary a link back would be appreciated. I love leaving web freebies for you guys, and hope the links and free graphics help in your design work. Thanks for checking out The Design Blog.

Keeping With The Season Design.

Found the little autumn squirrel rss icon on my sidebar the other day playing around on twitter and thought it went with the fall theme perfectly and had to download it. I love posting links to web freebies on here so here’s the link. I already tweeted the link, so if your following from twitter, sorry for the round about retweet / repost.

On a side note, the spam comments continue, over 90 spam comments. I noticed that a few people have signed up as members and this is much appreciated. I found a way to block IP addresses so I should have a handle on this spamming spectacle soon. If you commented and I deleted your comment mistakenly thinking it was spam, I do apologize. Thanks for signing up and following The Design Blog and I look forward to interacting with you all in the future.

If you’re on twitter and would like to follow I’m @NewAeonDesign

Holy Spamming Asshats Batman.

So I just logged into my blog for the first time in a week or so. Holy spamming asshats Batman. I’ve never seen so many people concerned about how much web traffic I get to my blog, and the poor English is hysterical. “Thanks my friends for information site, was much helpful and what I looking for”. With a link to counterfeit football jerseys.

For the most part some of the comments were funny to read. Anyway, this gave me a good reason to try out some new textures I found and also a font I just downloaded which if you like can be downloaded here. Thanks @fonts2u for the tweet on this free font.  The anarchy symbol is not part of the font set.

So this wasn’t what I wanted to post today, but everyone loves the occasional rant. On top of that, I got to test out some textures I downloaded, and also a great free font. Because I just didn’t want to bitch and moan about internet spammers and not at least leave you with some freebies as usual , this post contains a link to some free fonts which I hope you download and enjoy.

I wonder if my fellow bloggers enjoy as much spam as me. This post is becoming spam. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, but it might get buried in the spam.

clogging the arteries of the internet one post at a time.

Personally I think fried Spam and eggs rocks for morning breakfast. If you’ve never tried, run out to the store and get some, you won’t be disappointed.