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Free PHP App

So I’ve been teaching myself PHP and found this really cool app on Amazon that works as a great reference tool. The app covers all the basics, and a lot of the more advanced stuff too. It gets into syntax, variables, arrays, operators, conditionals, loops, functions, forms and so much more.

If your new to PHP you might want to download this. If your a seasoned pro this app makes a great reference to have on your phone.

PHP PRO great free reference app from Amazon!

Download here. http://amzn.to/1I49QKi

September Getting Ready For Fall…

I just can’t believe summer really came and went this year. It seems like just yesterday , I was decorating the blog for spring, I spaced decorating for summer, and now here we are back at Septembers theme. I haven’t posted here nearly as much as I would have liked this summer. I had a lot of projects though, and this was unfortunately put on the back burner. I think with the cooler weather arriving however, I’ll be working on this blog much more.

I like to change the blog theme up with decorations and themes set for whatever season or holiday we’re near. The scary part is before we know it the holidays will be here. September’s here, next month October arrives with Halloween, and ¡POW! Thanksgiving starting off the holiday season.

Anyway, I’ll be coming up with some holiday, and seasonal blog decorating tips. I’ll be posting some freebies as usual. For now check out this free Autumn Clip Art set from Open Clipart. Click here to download files.

screen shot fall clip art

This is a screen shot of some of the item you’ll find in the free Autumn Clip Art Collection. There’s a lot of really great Autumn and Fall clip art. Its that time of year again.

Enjoy the free clip art, I’m going to try and add some tutorials here on doing some fun scrap booking and design ideas with some of the different clip art found there.

Free Grunge Texture Pack

Finally got a nice day in the Buffalo N.Y. area and I wanted to snap some grungey style textures with my phone. I accidentally shot these in the wrong resolution and thought I would post them here as a freebie grunge texture pack. The images are unedited, and 640 x 480 px in jpeg format. I usually shoot my textures in a much higher resolution but I’m sure these are still usable to more than a few people out there. There’s about 14 images in total, the sample picture shows a few examples. All freebies are served thru Mega to help conserve bandwidth on my server. Enjoy!

Free Texture Grunge Pack

Freebie Grunge Texture Pack

Download Here

Holy Spamming Asshats Batman.

So I just logged into my blog for the first time in a week or so. Holy spamming asshats Batman. I’ve never seen so many people concerned about how much web traffic I get to my blog, and the poor English is hysterical. “Thanks my friends for information site, was much helpful and what I looking for”. With a link to counterfeit football jerseys.

For the most part some of the comments were funny to read. Anyway, this gave me a good reason to try out some new textures I found and also a font I just downloaded which if you like can be downloaded here. Thanks @fonts2u for the tweet on this free font.  The anarchy symbol is not part of the font set.

So this wasn’t what I wanted to post today, but everyone loves the occasional rant. On top of that, I got to test out some textures I downloaded, and also a great free font. Because I just didn’t want to bitch and moan about internet spammers and not at least leave you with some freebies as usual , this post contains a link to some free fonts which I hope you download and enjoy.

I wonder if my fellow bloggers enjoy as much spam as me. This post is becoming spam. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, but it might get buried in the spam.

clogging the arteries of the internet one post at a time.

Personally I think fried Spam and eggs rocks for morning breakfast. If you’ve never tried, run out to the store and get some, you won’t be disappointed.