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Domain Registrars GoDaddy Review

After my fiasco with Network Solutions. I thought I would talk a little bit about GoDaddy. In my unpaid opinion, these folks rock. I’ve dealt on and off with this company for many years and HIGHLY recommend them. After trying other registrars out there, I always end up back at GoDaddy !

What I like about GoDaddy.

GoDaddy offers ease of use. The dashboard is easy to get around, and easy to make changes. For example and part of the reason I decided on writing this now, I just pointed a domain and it was literally active in less than 15 minutes. I pointed the D.N.S. information, waited about 15 minutes, hit refresh at my hosting company, and to my surprise GoDaddy already had the nameservers pointing to my hosting company.

GoDaddy is security minded, with dual authentication. I use a password and then wait for a text message with a code to log in. I’ve also felt very secure with the customer service people who always make sure I am who I am before talking with me.

Finally, price ! GoDaddy has to be the most affordable registrar in the industry. They don’t play games, offer affordable packages, and don’t nickel and dime you to death with hidden fees and extras.

I could go on and on about GoDaddy’s service. Nothing but positive things to say about this company and I highly recommend them. If you’re looking for a good, secure registrar and haven’t tried GoDaddy before, I strongly suggest you give them a try !

Follow Up To The Network Solutions Debacle.

Woke up today and the mail man was delivering my mail as I was leaving for my day job. The refund check from Network Solutions was there. For the complete review and story click here.

I wanted to post the follow up and some final comments. Network Solutions is one of the oldest players in the domain registration game. I’m upset that I had to write an angry blog post and a nasty tweet in order for them to rectify what I believe was a shady practice on their part. So to sum the review up, their service works, there was know disruption in network traffic or problems with pointing the domain, I think there a bit overpriced, and there customer service people weren’t very helpful. @netsolcares on Twitter is actually who got the problem taken care of, not the customer service people.

I’ll probably never do business with Network Solutions again, unless I have to deal with some stuff for a customer who already registered a domain with them. I’ll definitely try to refer my customers to other registrars out there. The problem was taken care, but things could of went much more smoothly.

I’ve been transferring and moving domains around with a few other companies recently with no problems, I’ll be reviewing them shortly. Thanks @netsolcares if you should happen to read this, you were very helpful, and if your companies customer service reps were as helpful, this review probably would of went in an entirely different direction !