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Day 31 of 100 Days of Code – JavaScript

Currently on day 31 of my 100 Days of Code Twitter challenge. I’m learning a lot, but feel I should be accomplishing more. I’m currently coding at least 4 to 6 hours a day, somedays more. I just feel like I’m not moving quick enough.

Today I learned about Object Constructors and read the Objects chapter in JavaScript For Dummies. Also watched these Youtube videos and did the code along with the tutorial.


I also added some JavaScript to the website that displays the Date() when the page is open. I put it on the main page and a resources page I did today.



The resources page still needs to be styled. I started that on the last blog post and haven’t done anything to it since, with the exception of adding the date and more links. Tomorrow I’ll add a button to the main page pointing to the resources section and fix the styling. I’m using an old stylesheet I’m no longer familiar with.

I also signed up on JScodebox and started doing some of the JavaScript challenges. Didn’t get very far, but I plan on working on them daily. https://jscodebox.com

I currently have three personal projects I’m working on, along with 1 client project. As well as my JavaScript studies I’m trying to code a little HTML and CSS daily. More than enough projects to keep me busy and no shortage of things to code.

I think the most important thing about learning to code is putting what you’re learning to use.  You have to find projects that interest you and ways to incorporate your current skill set.

I’ll be posting weekly updates about my experience during the 100 Days of Code challenge along with links to the projects I’m working on.

Getting Real Serious About Web Design

As I stated in some earlier posts. When I got into cryptocurrency trading I put everything on hold including this business. For the most part, I’ve lived crypto 24/7. I learned a lot and made a few friends along the way.

When I got back into web design I realized immediately that a lot has changed in the code. HTML5 features a lot of new tags, and I could definitely use a refresher course in CSS3. Over the last couple weeks I’ve signed up for several code boot camps focused around HTML5 and CSS3. Because most of these courses all have the same general content flow I do them all simultaneously. I’m currently signed up for I think 4 different boot camps.  In a lot of ways, learning code is all about repetition. The more you get your feet wet and do it, the more you’ll retain. At least, that’s how it has always worked for me.

I finished the shortest course last night. It was an introduction to HTML on CodeAcademy.

Introduction To HTML – CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy doesn’t give you a certificate so I took a screen shot.

Completed course for introduction to HTML

Introduction to HTML – Course Completed.

my completed skills screenshot.

HTML first to be added to my completed skills.

I was a little apprehensive about taking an Introduction to HTML. I’ve been using this markup language since the mid 90’s. I was really happy I took it though, a lot has changed since then. The course covered a lot of the new features in HTML5 and I realized how dated some of the markup I was using was.,

I think I’m going to get involved in the 100 Days Of Code challenge. It’s a challenge to code at least a half hour a day and learn something new everyday for 100 days.  I’d like to finish that before summer arrives 🙂

Next up… Another refresher course in CSS!

Well if anyone needs a website, now is the time to contact me. I’m working cheap right now, but that’s going to change soon. I brought on a local real estate developer, and I should be finished up with that in the next week or so then I’m free to take on new projects.

A Link To My CodeAcademy Profile.