After recovering from my first Linux disaster, I promise I’ll post more on that in the next couple days. I wiped Windows from my system and did a minimal install of Fedora 18 KDE. So long Windows ! After the install, I played around a bit to see exactly what was pre-installed in my computer, removed the packages I had no use for, and found a couple interesting surprises. My favorite one is KColorChooser.

One of the things I love about Linux is all the great software available for graphic design, and web design. KColorChooser is another great example of some of the great software available for designers. This is a really simple program that allows you to select colors from either the color pallete, or anywhere on the screen. Now that I’ve been doing a lot of web design I’ve wanted to look for a program just like this. This is the perfect program to use when you’re developing your color schemes on web pages, and graphics. Read More Here.