Getting Into Bitcoin.

bit_faucet_250I recently started getting into the Bitcoin. I originally was looking for an alternative payment system, but now the more I learn about it the more it really intrigues me. I love the concept of a decentralized world currency designed for use on the internet.

I also think the way the market fluctuates is very exciting. Bitcoin goes up, it goes down, buy low, sell high , you can really get caught up in all the excitement. I realized there’s a little more to accepting Bitcoin than to just accept Bitcoin. So I’m trying to learn everything I can about the crypto currency. As I’m learning I’ve been taking notes, and I decided I may as well design some webpages around the topic. So I created a Bitcoin subdomain for New Aeon, and I’ll be adding pages as I learn.

Finally, I already started making money with Bitcoin, and decided to create a page of opportunities that actually work. So as I try out different Bitcoin opportunities I’ll list them on the web page with a short description and how it all worked out. For now I added a bunch of Bitcoin faucets that I already got paid on. If your into Bitcoin faucets and free Bitcoin, click here for the page.