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Time To Freshen Things Up For Spring

Freshening things up a bit for spring ! Finally spring has sprung in Western New York. After a really harsh winter, the sun is out, the temperature is on the rise, and spring flowers have begun to bloom everywhere you look. The weather got me in the mood to freshen up the blog a bit.

One of the things I love about using a wordpress blog is how easy it can be to give your blog a quick make-over. The header was from last springs design, the rss feed button with flower blooms was already in my media folder, and I updated a new background from some stock background I downloaded awhile ago that I thought matched the header image I created last spring. After about 15 minutes of work the blog has a nice springtime face lift !

Now I just need to start posting here regularly again.


May 14, 2015

Its been a awhile since I’ve posted here. I need to fix that. Things have been a bit busy, and I just haven’t had the time to blog. I’m going to try and get more stuff posted here.

August Update.

Wow this blog is turning into a monthly update blog. Sorry, but that is not going to happen ! It sure looks like it though. Sorry.

So things have been busy around here. I took a couple more hours at my part time job. I’ve been working on some other projects as well, and learning a bit about bitcoin. I’m going to start posting here a lot more though as I work, and explain some of the different things that I do. That is what this blog was supposed to be about.

So from now on, each day , if I did something somewhat interesting and I usually do on most days.  I’ll be taking a few minutes to post here. This way no matter what, I should get at least a few posts a week posted here!

Expect info on photography, which will probably be links from my photography blog, graphic design tips, and software tips.

Thanks for following and sorry for the sparse content lately.

July Update

Things have been really busy around here. I need to start posting to this blog more. That’s obvious. I really plan to as well. I’m going to be adding a lot of links to tutorials and videos and some of my own stuff as well. Things have been so busy here, I just haven’t had the time to blog. That changes this month.

So what’s new with New Aeon Design ? I’m working on some design offers for websites. I started creating some zazzle products and a zazzle store and I’ve been working really hard on some design templates for sale. Believe me, this has been keeping me real busy.

This month I plan on linking all the above mentioned stuff into the blog, and website. I’ll be posting links, adding some tutorials (ya, it’s been awhile, and I’m really trying), and also showing off some of my latest creations and design offers. Thanks for being patient while and thanks for following the blog.

June News.

June has arrived marking the end of spring and the beginning of summer. I can’t believe how fast May flew by. The month blew by so quickly I really didn’t even get a chance to post to this blog. BAD BLOGGER ! I’m a bit disappointed in myself.

welcome june summer arrives.

Welcome June. Created in Gimp 2.8. Image found on Thank God summer is finally here !

I started a learn spanish blog as a side project and I was working on it so much that I didn’t realize how fast the time was going by last month.

With that said I’m going to be posting here a lot more. Humm, have I said this before. I think so. O.K. seriously, I’m going to be adding content from some of my other blogs, posting youtube videos from some people I follow on youtube, and yes, I’m going to try and add some of my own original content as time permits.

Expect information on CSS , HTML, web design, graphics work, lots of stuff on Gimp and Inkscape, and I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with fonts so expect some font links and more.

Thanks for reading, have a happy and safe summer, and talk to ya all soon !