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Portfolio Update : Added New Client, Gateway Harbor Center

I’ve been taking the business side of things a bit more serious lately and I’ve been trying to drum up some business. I’d like to welcome my newest client :

This is a $200.00 web special that I’m currently offering. I’ll be posting a details page on this special shortly. The package includes 1yr of hosting, 1 yr domain registration or free transfer, 3 web pages that consist of a main page, a directions page and a contact page. You can use your art or mine for graphics and images. Also includes a free e-mail forwarding address and a basic search engine optimization of meta-tags and keywords. Payment options available, cash, credit card, check or BITCOIN. Here’s a screenshot of the finished product.

Gateway Harbor Center

Welcome my latest client Gateway Harbor Center

Adding a Learn Spanish Blog To My Portfolio

Adding a learn Spanish blog to my Portfolio. Here’s the Google + page with links to the blog. I think I’m done using blogger after this one. If a customer absolutely demands a Blogger blog than so be it. However, I really feel there are much better blog platforms out there. I’m really sold on WordPress as the platform of choice for blogging now.

Anyway, I haven’t started a portfolio page on my website. While I’m building my portfolio I’ll add sites to this blog and my portfolio can be searched by the portfolio tag. Here’s the Spanish page with link.

Google plus mi palabra del dia is a blog about learning Spanish. Google plus page for blog.

I went with a simple header design on this. I used a free stock photography header image. The image is of Teotihuacan in Mexico. I used a basic sans font and added the url into the top center of the image. The avatar is a simple Hola which is hello in Spanish.

Google Plus Page for Mi Palabra Del Dia.

I used the same design for the Facebook Page as well.

The Palabra Del Dia blog

The blog design is the Blogger Simple template stock with no modifications other than a few widgets that will be added to the side bar.