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Now On Flickr

Recently someone sent me a link to Flickr on one of the many social networking platforms that I use. The link read “Free Terabyte Of Storage On Flickr”. Whoa, that’s a lot of storage ! I use multiple backups for my graphics, and photography, but the thought of having a terabyte online was just to much to resist. Today I got New Aeon Design signed up. I really don’t know a lot about the Flickr community yet, but anyone interested in following can find us here.

One of the reasons that I’ve never used any of the numerous photo storage sites on the internet, is because I was never that crazy about sharing every photo with the world wide web. Apparently with Flickr I can set photos to private and I will be the only person that can access them. If this works out I can add a lot of my graphics work. I try to back up all my graphics on multiple platforms, but with a terabyte of storage I should be able to have them all in one place and my photos too.

After I learn more about Flickr and use the service for awhile, I’ll post an update review down the road. For now, if you’re looking for a place to store and share all those images you’ve been creating and saving, give Flickr a try. You can sign up here, and make sure to follow New Aeon Design !

There’s one picture up right now, but I’ll be adding more this evening. Hope to see you all on Flickr 🙂


Create a Color Changing Copyright Signature Brush in Gimp

I’m not really sure the exact direction the blog is going to take. I plan on creating a compendium of all things graphic design, web design, and probably photography related as well. I also want a place to showcase the work of This afternoon I thought about doing a picture a week of some different photography produced here. Although I’ve posted images all over the internet with out a copyright signature, I thought now that I have the domain I should probably sign and copyright every image posted here. Then I thought , if I do that I may as well post my first Gimp tutorial. So, today I will teach you how to create a Copyright Signature brush to use on all your designs, and photography.


This is an image of a barn at rest area found just outside of Ellicotivlle N.Y.

I’m using Gimp2.8 for this tutorial, however if you use Photoshop, or any of the other programs out there you can probably follow along and make this work.

First thing you want to do is load up Gimp2.8 and go to FILE ,CREATE NEW.

Set the width to 300 and height to 200.

Click on ADVANCED OPTIONS, change COLOR SPACE to GREYSCALE and Fill BACKGROUND COLOR. By default it should be set to white.o.k.

Now for the copyright symbol you want to find a character map. I’m pretty sure every operating system comes with one of these pre installed. I use Linux with KDE and used KcharSelect. In Windows I think there is a character map in accessories. If you’re using KDE just open up your terminal program, type kcharselect, and the program should open for you. Now , once you have your character map open, search for the Ⓒ symbol and copy it to clipboard.

Return to Gimp, click on the TEXT TOOL, select your font, and type your signature into your work space. Then click to the beginning of the text and paste the copyright symbol at the beginning of your signature. Highlight all the text in the text box, size it to your desired size, at the top of your window click IMAGE, AUTOCROP IMAGE. We’re almost done.

Now we want to save the file as a .gbr file and place the file in the Gimp brushes folder. This will very from system to system depending on how you have yours set up. On my computer it’s in the home/username/.gimp2.8/brushes folder. So at the top of the window go to FILE, click on EXPORT, and then save it to /home/username/.gimp2.8/brushes/ and export it as signature.gbr which will save the file and make it a gbr or brush file for you.

Now click refresh button found at the bottom of the brushes dialog box and the brush should appear. Open up a new photo, create a new transparent layer, adjust your brush size and try out your new copyright signature brush ! Happy Photographing !