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Add A Twitter Feed To Your Blog Or Website.

I wanted to make my blogs, and websites a little more interactive, and also give people another way to interact with and or contact me. I decided on creating a twitter widget to put in the sidebars of my blogs, and also add to the front page of the website. The process was surprisingly easy. Here’s what you do.

If you don’t have a twitter account you want to go to and create an account. O.K. we’ve got our account set up, now go to . If you’re not logged into your account, twitter will ask for your username and password and then it should open to a page that has a box that say widgets with a radio button that says “Create New”. Click on create new, and the next page that opens will be the configuration page. Put your @twiiterUserName where it asks for it, and then configure it. If you want replies to show up in your time line then uncheck that box, click whether you want your photo’s to auto-expand or not, adjust your height, theme color, enter your link color hex code or stick with the default, and click create widget. Thats it your done, when the next page loads, cut and paste the code into your blog or website and you’ll have a cool twitter feed, posting all of your updates in real time.

I placed the twitter feed on my Tumblr blog in the sidebar. It’s a custom theme I created so, you’ll have to read the Tumblr documentation to install it in yours. For Tumblr I basically just created another side box and pasted the code into it.

On my website, I did some rewriting of my css to make it responsive to both browsers and phone screens, and using the @media code the widget will even be omitted from smaller displays so the page still displays properly in most devices.

On this wordpress blog, using the 2012 theme, I just clicked on appearance, widgets, dragged a text box over to my sidebar, and pasted the code in the text box. It really couldn’t of been any simpler with wordpress and this is one of the reasons I’m really glad I decided to give WordPress a try. Between the website, Tumblr, and this WordPress blog, WordPress was hands down the easiest to install the widget in !

If you want to get a bit crazy with this project and really customize the heck out of the timeline and make it your own, you can check out the developers page here.

This was a really, easy, fun project, and I think it’s a great way to add a little interactivity to your blog or website. Any questions, please feel free to comment, or tweet it from the side bar. Thanks for reading and good luck !

Domain Registrar Review Network Solutions

Domain Registrar Review, Network Solutions. STAY AWAY ! PROBLEM RESOLVED FINAL NOTES AT END OF POST

Bloggers Note : Update, I sent out an angry tweet on this topic, the day I posted this. @netsolcares which apparently is Network Solutions twitter account sent me a message saying they could get the charges reversed. I called back customer service, told them I was referred by @netsolcares and they say they are taking care of the problem and will be sending a check for the billing difference. I’ll keep everyone updated on this as things unfold !

    I really feel like these folks took me for a ride. Before I get started I should be clear that I never really liked this company. However, after this last experience I can honestly say STAY AWAY FROM NETWORK SOLUTIONS. There are a ton of companies available to register domains, and I strongly suggest using any registrar other than Network Solutions.

    What happened you ask ? I registered a domain a year ago for 75 cents. That’s a great deal and thought, for that price, why not ! Network Solutions, automatically enabled auto renew, again no big deal, it was for a customer, and this is a good security feature to make sure your domain doesn’t expire. What they don’t tell you is that they auto renew the domain 2 months before it expires. That in itself isn’t that big of a deal, but wait there’s more.

    So, the site gets auto renewed in Dec (I had no clue it would be auto renewed 2 months early), and the domain name doesn’t expire till February. I had the reminder set up in my phone planner for the end of January. The reminder pops up, thinking I only had a few weeks before the domain expires, I price renewal rates. To renew with Network Solutions would cost a little under $40.00 I can transfer the domain to another company I deal with for $15.00 bucks with a 1 year renewal included so I go ahead and start the process of transferring the domain. As soon as I unlock the domain and try to get an authorization code, it gives me a special offer to renew the domain for $10.00. GREAT I THINK, that’s fair, besides I felt a little guilty transferring the domain after registering it for .75 cents. So I sign up for the $10.00 renewal. I then get my bill, and discover the domain is registered till 2016. O.K. what gives ? How did that happen ?

    I go through the billing history and that’s when I discovered that the domain was auto renewed two months early ! So now the domain was autobilled in December for 30 something dollars, and renewed again for an additional year, for another 10 dollars. The way the whole thing went down was really shady ! So I call customer service explain what happened and ask why it was done this way .

    Now granted this is partly my fault. I should of been paying attention, I hadn’t checked the email account that this domain was registered with, I should of been watching the billing statement for the credit card more closely, and I probably should of read through the terms of service a little more thoroughly.However, allowing me to renew when it already was rebilled is shady as hell. I’m very confident they have the whole thing set up this way purposely. I can’t put into words how shady this was. The bottom line is I feel duped ! Network Solutions made a dupe out of me !

    The worst part of this is that I never liked this company. Back in the early 90’s I had a problem with these guys, but back then they were the only game in town. If you wanted to register a domain you had to more or less go through Network Solutions. It took almost 30 years to pass for me to deal with them again, and I would strongly discourage anyone from using there service. They’re no longer the only game in town and there are a lot of much better registrars out there. STAY AWAY FROM NETWORK SOLUTIONS.

    I guess the idea is to charge .75 cents for a domain, get the new customer, and then bill them 2 months early to sell them an overpriced renewal at close to 40 bucks. charges less than half that !

    I could rant about this for another 1000 words but I wont. The way the whole thing went down was really shady, I never plan on dealing with these guys again, and I do plan on blogging, designing web pages, and doing everything in my power to discourage people from using Network Solutions. Yes, it’s partly sour grapes, but a respectable company shouldn’t behave like this and I really thought the customer service department over there would do a bit more for me. Bloggers final note : The problem was rectified, I won’t be building web pages or blogging about them anymore. I HOPE.

    Final notes and resolution
    I received the refund check, everything is taken care of. It took almost 3 weeks for the refund check to arrive, no big deal. All in all Network Solutions does what they’re paid to do. After a year of dealing with them there was no technical problems with service. I never noticed any problem with domain pointing, or traffic outages due to their company. I still don’t like the way they set up the billing, I certainly don’t like the way customer service handled my complaints on the matter, and if it wasn’t for @netsolcares on twitter the problem may have never been rectified. Click here for final notes on this issue.

Found In Yahoo Answers and Made My Day

The Question:

What’s a good Internet Explorer emulator for Ubuntu Linux?

As you can tell from looking at my profile, I am trying to design a website, but I’m having problems fixing internet explorer bugs. I’m sure there some in safari and opera as well. Is there an emulator I can download for Ubuntu Linux so I can view the page like it would display in Internet Explorer 6?

What I thought the best answer was :

“Good” and “Internet Explorer” are two phrases that I have trouble parsing in the same sentence.

Don’t try to fix the bugs, write your web pages to comply to W3C and HTML/XHTML/CSS standards. Simply tell your IE visitors that if their page looks funny, tough and they should get a real browser, and point them to Firefox and/or Opera.

original post found here :

Basic WordPress Security

Found this in my Tumblr blog stream and thought it was funny.

Found this in my Tumblr blog stream and thought it was perfect for this post.

Here’s some basic measures you can take to help secure your wordpress blog. I’m not a security consultant, and I don’t pretend to play one on t.v. Some of this stuff is common sense and some of it is stuff I picked up doing a little research on this subject recently. This post certainly isn’t the end all and be all of WordPress security and really covers the very, very, basics. I do think it’s a good start though. Let’s get started.

When you created your WordPress blog, the first user is set to “Admin” by default during set up. You have an opportunity to change this during the set up process and hopefully you took advantage of that. This is one of the most basics of computer security yet so many people seem to ignore it. NEVER KEEP THE DEFAULT ADMIN USER NAME !

Now, whether you kept the default admin, or you created a user name, a good idea for the admin account is to make sure to use a nickname that will appear on the site when you’re replying to comments. In you’re dashboard click on users, then under the user name click on the edit link. In the field for nickname create a nickname for the admin account. Then below that select the “Display name publicly as” and make sure the new nickname you created is selected. So now when you reply to a comment or post, the nickname appears instead of the Username for the Admin account.

Another trick is to not use the Admin account for posting anything. Create another account, that you’ll only use for posting, with limited privileges. Do this by creating a new user, then click on users again and at the top of the list of users you should see a drop down menu that “reads change role to”. Simply check the new user you created and then  change that drop down to contributor, and only use the Admin account to make changes to the blogs design. If you go this route make sure to select a nickname for this “contributor account” as explained previously.

The reason for doing all this is to make sure someone with ill intent doesn’t get the login name of the Admin account. Once a hacker gets a login name, they have achieved half the battle. Now they just have to figure out the password. By using these techniques someone would now have to guess the Login name, and also the password in order to access the account. It’s almost like creating two passwords for your blog and having two lines of security or doubling your basic protection.

So, lets talk passwords. Passwords are a royal pain. We have so many passwords, and we always try to make them easy to remember, or use the same password for all our websites. Huge mistake ! If you do this and you’re compromised they now have access to your e-mail, maybe the website, your ftp server, and God knows what else. That’s a really bad habit and practice to fall into. Give your blog a unique password !

Let’s start with really bad passwords. Really bad password choices are names of wives, pets, street address, favorite foods, etc, etc,. By using a password like this, anyone who knows you and might want to gain access to your site will achieve that goal with just a couple of guesses. A friend of mine once asked me to check the security on a server he set up, I gained entry in under 5 minutes ! He was absolutely flabbergasted, and didn’t understand how I cracked his server so quickly. I looked at him and said next time don’t use your lovers name as a password ! He was embarrassed to say the least.

Really good passwords really shouldn’t be words at all. A random sequence of numbers and letters are best, mixed with capital and lower case letters. In all fairness though, that just sucks. Most people won’t do this, and it really is difficult to remember the password. You could use l337 letters using words and replacing letters with numbers like 1amG0d or something but even that isn’t very secure these days. Brute force crackers can and will figure these passwords out in a very short amount of time.

Here’s a few tricks for creating passwords that are hard to crack and easy to remember.

1) Make the password at least 8 characters long and use a series of UPPER CASE and lower case letters with a few numbers thrown in the mix.

2) Use a movie quote, or line from a favorite poem or song, or maybe a passage from your favorite spiritual book. Replace some of the letters with numbers, like zeros for o and 1’s for L’s.

3) Now, this is my favorite. Use the above technique, but instead of using the complete quote or phrase, simply take the first letter from each word in the phrase.

For example: the line below taken from Bowery Blues by Jean-Louis (Jack Kerouac)

“the night will be bright with the gold of old.”

This would break down to : 7NwbBwtg0o

You now have a 10 letter and digit password that is very secure and somewhat easy to remember. You can come up with your own system for how you place the letters, caps and numbers. Like every third letter is CAPS, or 7 for t’s, 0 for o, etc, etc,.

Finally, lets talk about that meta widget, with the link included for the login page right out in the open. That gots to go ! The first time I seen a WordPress blog, I couldn’t believe they placed the login link right on the main page of the blog. I’ve heard that removing it wasn’t even an option till recently. Well now you can remove it and I suggest you do. Why even tempt someone ! Out of site out of mind !

To do this, go to your dashboard, click on appearance and select widgets. On the right hand side of the page there will be a column titled Main Sidebar, simply take your mouse and drag the Meta widget to the Inactive Widgets box on the bottom of the page. Thats that for that. Now make sure to bookmark your login page so you can login to your blog.

On that note, it may not be a bad idea if you know and understand WordPress and PHP to change the url of the login page. As I get to know this blogging program better, that may be a future post down the road. This should probably only be attempted by webmasters with a good understanding of PHP and how the WordPress software works and is configured.

Anyway, this covered the very, very,very basics. I’m not a security expert, but I think this is a great start for someone concerned about the security of their WordPress blog. Thanks for reading and I hope I didn’t make this overly complicated or confusing. If you have any other suggestions, or I missed something obvious, please comment and share. Till next time , keep on blogging and  cheers!



Now On Flickr

Recently someone sent me a link to Flickr on one of the many social networking platforms that I use. The link read “Free Terabyte Of Storage On Flickr”. Whoa, that’s a lot of storage ! I use multiple backups for my graphics, and photography, but the thought of having a terabyte online was just to much to resist. Today I got New Aeon Design signed up. I really don’t know a lot about the Flickr community yet, but anyone interested in following can find us here.

One of the reasons that I’ve never used any of the numerous photo storage sites on the internet, is because I was never that crazy about sharing every photo with the world wide web. Apparently with Flickr I can set photos to private and I will be the only person that can access them. If this works out I can add a lot of my graphics work. I try to back up all my graphics on multiple platforms, but with a terabyte of storage I should be able to have them all in one place and my photos too.

After I learn more about Flickr and use the service for awhile, I’ll post an update review down the road. For now, if you’re looking for a place to store and share all those images you’ve been creating and saving, give Flickr a try. You can sign up here, and make sure to follow New Aeon Design !

There’s one picture up right now, but I’ll be adding more this evening. Hope to see you all on Flickr 🙂