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CSS Tips and Tricks from Blogtalkradio

Three great interview podcasts from Blog Talk Radio with CSS junkie “Big John” Gallant on CSS and web design. These interviews cover all kinds of tips and tricks, and different fixes for dealing with different browsers. These are about 3 years old but are still very informative. If you ever wondered why IE6 has such a hard time displaying modern CSS these interviews really put it in perspective.

4/7/10 First interview, talks about debugging pages for IE6 when using CSS.

Online Computers Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Myra Rhodes on BlogTalkRadio

6/14/10 Second Interview talks about working with .png files and getting them to work better in IE6 and making style sheets for IE6. Also gets into fonts and font sizing.

Find Additional Technology Podcasts with Myra Rhodes on BlogTalkRadio

6/22/10 Third interview. Talks about @media and different tips and tricks for mastering CSS.

Discover Internet Internet Radio with Myra Rhodes on BlogTalkRadio

Holy Spamming Asshats Batman.

So I just logged into my blog for the first time in a week or so. Holy spamming asshats Batman. I’ve never seen so many people concerned about how much web traffic I get to my blog, and the poor English is hysterical. “Thanks my friends for information site, was much helpful and what I looking for”. With a link to counterfeit football jerseys.

For the most part some of the comments were funny to read. Anyway, this gave me a good reason to try out some new textures I found and also a font I just downloaded which if you like can be downloaded here. Thanks @fonts2u for the tweet on this free font.  The anarchy symbol is not part of the font set.

So this wasn’t what I wanted to post today, but everyone loves the occasional rant. On top of that, I got to test out some textures I downloaded, and also a great free font. Because I just didn’t want to bitch and moan about internet spammers and not at least leave you with some freebies as usual , this post contains a link to some free fonts which I hope you download and enjoy.

I wonder if my fellow bloggers enjoy as much spam as me. This post is becoming spam. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, but it might get buried in the spam.

clogging the arteries of the internet one post at a time.

Personally I think fried Spam and eggs rocks for morning breakfast. If you’ve never tried, run out to the store and get some, you won’t be disappointed.