Welcome to The Design Blog, by New-Aeon-Design.com.

The Design Blog by New Aeon Design is about all things design. Web design, blog design, graphic design and all things internet related. The Blog was started in July of 2013 as a way to showcase the benefits of having a blog attached to your website. The owner of the blog is a self taught web master and blogger, and learned everything he knows from other blogs, and websites across the internet. This is his way of giving back to the internet community and helping other people learn the way he did.

Topics include software reviews, open source and public domain graphics links, brushes, tutorials, html, and anything else that will help the reader design better websites and graphics.

The author uses Fedora Linux an open source operating system, and most of the software reviewed will be open source software products. However, many of the open source alternatives like Gimp 2.8 are now available for Windows and Mac. Some of the programs currently being used are Gimp, Krita, Darktable, and Inkscape !

Hope you decide to follow the blog, thanks for taking an interest in New Aeon Design and The Design Blog. Thanks for Reading and have a wonderful day / evening 😉

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